How does Zero help you to comply with the new Waste Law?

Zero is the software used by large corporations for intelligent waste management. We explain how it helps you cope with the new legislation through 6 functions.

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The entry into force of the new Law 7/2022, of April 8, on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy represents the biggest change in waste legislation in recent years in Spain. With it, Spanish waste regulations are adapted to the objectives derived from EU directives to advance in a waste policy that, by rigorously applying the principle of hierarchy, contributes to greater sustainability and the implementation of circular economic models.

How to catch up with these regulations?

If your company produces waste, TEIMAS offers you a free guide on the most relevant aspects of the new law. We also offer you a digital platform for multinational companies that are committed to circularity and traceability of waste. In Spain it is used by more than 10 large corporations from various sectors and is called Zero.

This leading Software as a Service (SaaS) in Spain allows you to manage the entire waste value chain, make intelligent business decisions and comply with the new law through 6 fundamental tasks for producers:

1. Record the waste you generate

As in the past, if you are a waste producer, you must keep a record of all the waste produced in your facilities. How? By means of a chronological file that includes data on the producer, the manager, the transporter and the waste generated (quantity, type and treatment, among other data).

With Zero you will be able to keep your chronological archive up to date and available for audits or inspections, in an automated way.

2. Meets maximum deadlines and identifies hazardous waste.

The new Law 7/2022 maintains maximum deadlines for storing waste at the place of production. In addition, containers or packaging containing hazardous waste must be labeled clearly and visibly, legibly and indelibly.

Zero helps you to comply with the maximum storage times indicated by law. In addition, you can automate the creation of labels and identify the stored waste.

3. Create all your waste documentation

In order to comply with waste regulations you must have different documentation (treatment contracts, shipment notifications, identification documents, etc.).

You will be able to generate all your environmental documentation in always updated formats and process it directly with all regional or Ministry platforms (e-SIR).

Prefer your suppliers to take care of it? You can give them direct access to Zero to manage your waste documentation.

4. Keep traceability of your waste

With the new law, you will have extended responsibility for the final destination of the waste you produce and you will be responsible for its proper management, from the time it is generated until its final treatment.

With Zero you will be able to centralize your waste data and document its life cycle because it allows you to unify all your data and documentation, whether created with Zero or not.

5. Expedite the preparation of your minimization plan.

Do you produce hazardous waste? As of July 1, 2022, you will need to have a minimization plan in place indicating the practices you will adopt to reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated.

With Zero you will be able to speed up the preparation of your minimization plan because it allows you to create key business indicators and control the carbon footprint of the waste generated.

6. Turn your waste into resources

To advance the circular economy, the new law establishes taxes on the deposit of waste in landfills and on incineration and co-incineration.

With Zero, establish indicators, measure your level of "circularity" and detect deviations in your waste recovery policies.

Comply with regulations and turn your waste data into actionable information.

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