Zero is the digital platform in the cloud for multinational companies that are committed to the circularity and traceability of their waste, as it allows them to manage their entire value chain and make intelligent business decisions based on it.

Smart, circular and sustainable waste management for large companies

Specialised SaaS for waste producers

A software designed for companies concerned about sustainability and who want to be always up to date with their responsibilities as a waste producer.

Minimises costs and risks. Maximise data quality

All your documentation digitalised and centralised in a single space. Avoid high administrative burden due to inefficiency and manual errors that increase time and costs. Easily obtain all the information you need to prepare environmental reports with always up-to-date data.

Strengthen the CSR of your company

Accurately measure the impact of the waste generated by your company to make your path towards decarbonization easier and more efficient and thus achieve a circular production model or Zero Waste.
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Choose smart, circular and sustainable management of the waste your company generates. Find out in detail what Zero can do for you.