Zero is the digital platform in the cloud for multinational companies that are committed to the circularity and traceability of their waste, as it allows them to manage their entire value chain and make intelligent business decisions based on it.

Smart, circular and sustainable waste management for large companies

Specialised SaaS for waste producers

A software designed for companies concerned about sustainability and who want to be always up to date with their obligations as a waste producer and ensure the traceability of the waste at local and/or multinational level.

Implements different roles and authorization levels for users.

Minimises costs and risks. Maximise data quality

All your documentation digitized and centralized in a single space. Avoid high administrative burden due to inefficiency and manual errors that increase time and costs.

Interpret and organize all waste information, regardless of its format. Easily obtain all the information you need to prepare environmental reports with always up-to-date data.

Certify the life cycle of your waste

Thanks to its functionality based on blockchain technology (Verify), Zero certifies the life cycle of the waste generated in the production centers.

It controls waste from its origin to the end point, ensuring its correct tracking and documentation, as a fundamental step for the standardization of waste management and legal compliance.

Measure your carbon footprint

With Zero you can now know the carbon footprint generated during the treatment and transport of waste.

Through reports and dashboards,
analyzes the evolution of the CO2 footprint in the atmosphere generated by waste management.

Cost tracking

Zero allows you to manage the credits and debits of waste outputs.

You will control the economic impact of waste movement, streamlining decision making to detect opportunities for improvement and reduce costs.

API allowing data input from other applications

Receive data from other software applications (used by managers, agents, traders, etc.). This will allow you to speed up procedures and reduce data loading times.

Creation of waste tariffs

Enter credit or charge information associated with waste shipments. In addition, include rates for each type of waste or by waste group. This allows you to better understand and control the associated economic data.

Connection with Siliamb (Portugal)

It processes the legal documentation of waste not only in Spain but also in Portugal. Zero now also collects and exports waste information for the MIRR (Mapa Integrado de Registo de Residuos), a mandatory document under Portuguese legislation.

Generic outputs and traceability document

It uses its own waste traceability document in the rest of the countries.

It also records incoming waste

A growing number of large corporations are changing their business model to adapt to the circular economy.
TEIMAS Zero now also records the incoming waste that companies transform into raw materials to build a more sustainable future.

Case Studies

Choose smart, circular and sustainable management of the waste your company generates. Find out in detail what Zero can do for you.

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