We help companies move towards a circular economy and decarbonisation.

At TEIMAS we create innovative and efficient technological solutions for waste management and the circular economy for the entities that are part of the waste value chain: waste producers, transporters and waste management companies.
Our team is specialised in the documentation and regulations related to waste management and waste shipment. This allows us to understand the operations of producers and managers (the entire chain) to better meet the needs of management, processes and reporting.

TEIMAS Environmental Commitment

Contributing to the care of the environment is part of our vision as a company, materialised through technological projects such as Zero. This platform was selected in 2020 by the #PorElClima community as an example of a business initiative against climate change.

In addition, at the international level, the Swiss foundation Solar Impulse has recognised Zero as a clean technology solution that helps to meet Sustainable Development Goals 9 ("Industry, innovation and infrastructure") and 12 ("Responsible production and consumption").

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