Centralised and efficient waste documentation management: the case of Rentokil and Teixo

Rentokil Initial España, a leader in hygiene and pest control services, and TEIMAS Teixo, join forces to optimise waste management.

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Rentokil Initial España, a leader in hygiene, pest control and interior design services, has relied on Spanish company TEIMAS to streamline the document management required for waste shipments.

Rentokil, part of the world's largest organisation in the sector, Rentokil Initial PLC, needed to speed up the generation and processing of external legal documentation for its waste management in Spain, especially after adding Cannon Hygiene to its medical division, a challenge that Rentokil solved by implementing TEIMAS Teixo software.

This versatile technological solution allows the company to connect to the platforms of the different autonomous communities in a simple and fast way, which speeds up and facilitates its waste collection, transfer and management operations. To get the most out of Teixo, Rentokil was supported by the TEIMAS technical team, which implemented the software and adapted it to the group's particularities and needs. As part of this implementation process, Rentokil staff received training sessions to maximise the use of the platform.

Benefits and improvements.

Following the implementation of Teixo, Rentokil has improved its waste document management operations by being able to generate documents under a number of different forms and authorisations, using the data required by current waste shipment regulations, and has been able to increase the quality of information they provide to their customers by creating various reports and certificates.

It has also been able to increase the quality of the information it provides to its customers by creating various reports and certificates. The company can now also produce waste reports more quickly, share documentation with third parties (via url links) and process, automatically and from a single place, all waste documentation with the environmental platforms of the autonomous communities and the Ministry for Ecological Transition, the e-SIR.

In addition, on a day-to-day basis, Rentokil can generate, through Teixo, waste collection reports, waste output reports for each of its plants, as well as certificates and a chronological archive.

Marta Hernández, Quality Assurance Manager Hygiene & Medical at Rentokil points out ‘the importance of implementing specialised software, such as Teixo, for an agile and centralised management of waste documentation’. And she highlights its good customer support service, something that ‘is as important as the tool itself. In the case of Teixo, the resolution of incidents is agile and they look for solutions that adapt to our way of working".

TEIMAS explains that Teixo is a simple and effective tool, with which companies can plan routes, generate legal documentation and manage waste shipments.

"In this particular case, Teixo's updates and customer service have been fundamental for Rentokil to adapt to the constant changes and regional peculiarities. In addition, the ability to filter information by number plate has allowed them to improve their organisation and gain efficiency", TEIMAS points out.

Looking to the future, Rentokil also plans to implement the mobile application to streamline the work of its technicians and improve the quality of information in real time, integrating Teixo as an essential part of its technological processes.


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