Waste management at your fingertips with the Teixo Logistics App

TEIMAS launches new plans for the Teixo Logistics App on Android, enhancing waste management via mobile devices.

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TEIMAS, experts in waste management software, present the new plans for the Teixo Logística App, designed to make Teixo's waste operations faster and easier.

This mobile app for Android enhances Teixo's capabilities, the software developed exclusively for agents, dealers, and waste management companies.

With this app, staff on the go can efficiently carry out and manage waste collections and deliveries up to the plant, without needing to access Teixo from a computer, keeping records directly from a mobile device.

To optimise operations for Teixo's customers, the Teixo Logistics App now includes a plan designed for the efficient reception of waste at the plant.

The App that simplifies waste management

The Teixo Logistics App has become an essential tool for waste management companies, already recording over half a million waste movements. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features enable:

  • Checking planned waste collections and deliveries for your vehicle on your device.
  • Easily identifying collection points, types of waste, and containers.
  • Viewing real-time documentation like DIs, delivery notes, or waybills directly on your mobile device.
  • Collecting electronic compliance signatures during delivery or collection.
  • Automatically sending all captured data to Teixo to maintain an up-to-date waste management process.

Different plans depending on your needs

The Teixo Logistics App offers tailored plans for various roles:

- Driver Plan

Enables drivers to generate Transfer Documents, add driver and vehicle details, manage dates, weights, and packages, and progress DIs to "pending acceptance" status. It also facilitates processing part A of the DI and proceeding to check-in.

- Reception Plan NEW

Tailored for warehouse personnel receiving waste, allowing real-weight indication, marking of uncollected waste, adding waste with generated transfer documents, processing part A of the DI, managing product/service additions or deletions, inputting acceptance data with actual weights and dates, closing transfer documents, and generating plant entries.

- Driver Plus Plan NEW

The comprehensive plan that offers all the functionalities of the Driver Plan and the Reception Plan, allowing drivers who are also responsible for the entry of waste into the warehouse to carry out the complete process from the same application.

Get the Teixo Logistics App to streamline your management

Designed by waste experts, it enhances efficiency and waste shipment management, integrating simpler and faster processes in Teixo. Discover how the Teixo Logistics App can revolutionise your daily operations.

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