Access, processing and rules of the environmental platform of the Valencian Community (ADCR 3.0)

We present you the most relevant aspects of ADCR 3.0, the environmental platform of Valencia.

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If you are a professional in the waste sector in Spain you will know that, in compliance with the Royal Decree on Waste Shipment, since September 1, 2021 it is mandatory to process the documentation of waste shipments subject to NT(Shipment Notifications) and Waste Identification Documents (DI) telematically. This management is carried out through the environmental platform of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (e-SIR) or, in certain cases, through the platforms of the autonomous communities (GaIA, SIRA, ADCR 3.0, etc).

This move to digital processing represents a major change in the operational and document management process of the waste sector, which is accustomed to paper format. In fact, according to a TEIMAS report on digitization published in July 2022, the number of companies with a specific tool for their activity is low and there is still much room for improvement.

To facilitate your access and first contact with the environmental platforms of Andalusia, Valencia and Galicia, we have prepared a quick guide to processing in SIRA, ADCR 3.0 and GaIA. In the following lines you will find part of its contents. Specifically, we will focus on the most relevant aspects of ADCR 3.0.

How to access ADCR 3.0

You will be able to access ADCR 3.0 with a digital certificate, through a screen like this one:

Which documents are processed in ADCR 3.0

The Consellería de la Comunidad Valenciana establishes the processing with ADCR 3.0 of intra-territorial transfer documents and the processing with e-SIR of inter-territorial transfers.

Main rules for processing in ADCR 3.0

Common rules

As in the rest of the platforms adapted to RD 553/2020, the Valencian Community shares the following common rules:

The obligation to process NTs and DI part A falls on the operator, while part B of DIs must always be processed by the manager.

Transfer notifications must be processed at least 10 days in advance (always counting from the day following the day on which the TR is filed). You can only process them if you act as operator in the same.

Part A of the DIs whose TRs have been correctly submitted must be processed before the transfer. This change derives from RD 553/2020, which makes it compulsory to carry in the vehicle, together with the waste, part A of the Identification Document, processed with estimated weights.

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