Waste management in beverage sector companies: DAMM

With the help of digital tools such as Zero, DAMM has strengthened its commitment to a circular production model.

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To curb climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, European directives have become stricter: the now require companies to fully monitor the waste they generate from the beginning to the end of its life cycle. In order to achieve this full traceability, large corporations must implement waste reduction guidelines for all their related companies as well as their contractors and suppliers.

Among them is DAMM, a leader in the Spanish beverage sector with a strong presence in the food, hospitality, logistics and distribution industries. Founded in Barcelona in 1876, it is committed today to profitable and sustainable growthas reflected in its turnover, which grew 21.5% year-on-year in 2021 to 1.49 billion euros.

As a part of its ongoing work to improve industrial processes, DAMM is establishing a circular model and reducing its consumption of raw materials and supplies. And to make even more progress towards its environmental targets, it has decided todigitally transform its waste streams.

As a result, DAMM now has a digital medium for its waste production and shipment data that ensures the traceability of all waste generated, reduces the administrative costs of waste management, promote regulatory compliance and provides useful reports for the company (in terms of both operations and strategy), setting the tone for the group to move forward on its circular economy strategy.

According to Francesc Valencia Hernández, Head of Environment at DAMM, "Zero has given us a robust and effective system for managing the waste generated in our production centers".

Behind Zero is TEIMAS, one of the few international software companies 100% specialized in the digitization of the waste value chain.

More information: download the case study now.


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