Spain is moving forward in its digitalization, is it also in the waste sector?

We review the main data on digitization of the waste sector in Spain and introduce you to various solutions for document management (spreadsheet, VPN and specialized software).

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The latest edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)published in July 2022 confirms that today Spain is the seventh most digitally developed country in the EU, surpassing partners such as Germany, France and Italy. However, regarding the use of digital technologies in the business environment, the study indicates that Spanish companies "are still lagging behind in new and advanced technologies such as cloud or big data"..

The digitization of waste management companies in Spain, under study

According to a report on digitization of the waste sector,published by TEIMAS in July 2022, just over a quarter (28.5%) of the companies authorized for waste management in Spain claim to have specific software for their activity. In Andalusia this percentage is among the lowest in the country (12.38%), while at the opposite extreme is Galicia - the autonomous community with the highest number of companies authorized for digitized waste management.

In the words of Miguel Varela, CEO of TEIMAS, digitization "favors" the appropriate treatment for each waste, in addition to its integration into the value chain, process optimization, cost reduction and compliance with regulations.

These include the Royal Decree on Shipments (RD 553/2020), a regulation that includes the obligation to process waste shipment documentation electronically through the platforms of the Public Administrations. As a consequence, from September 2021 the management of documentation associated with waste management (Identification Documents, Shipment Notifications...) can no longer be sent to the Administrations in paper format.

Means to digitize waste document management in Spain

In Spain there are various means for the management of shipment documentation, with different levels of adaptation to the needs of professionals in the waste sector.

On the one hand, according to Spanish waste regulations, waste documentation must be sent through the MITERD electronic platform (called e-SIR) and/or the various regional platforms. The choice of one or the other depends on the electronic procedure chosen by each autonomous community for the intra- and inter-territorial transfer of waste. It is important to note that each of these platforms offers different functions and forms of access.Such is the case, among others, of the SIRA (Andalusia), ADCR 3.0 (Valencian Community) or GaIA (Galicia) platforms.

But, in addition to the official platforms, are there any digital tools for waste document management? As a non-specialized option, there are spreadsheets capable of creating formulas and templates, as well as partially automating daily management tasks. If you opt for Google Sheets, you can edit the sheets and collaborate with members of your team directly. However, this is not a specific solution for waste management.

Another option is the use of enterprise software, accessible via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This system will allow you to telework because it offers remote and secure access to company networks. However, it requires very specific configurations of the communication systems at the company''s headquarters. In addition, if you have any problems at the office premises - such as a power failure, connectivity, server or user computer failure - the service will not be available and a technician may have to travel to your premises. On the other hand, these solutions are prone to security problems (caused by incorrect configurations, physical access to the offices or access via wireless connections). In terms of cost, there are free VPNs, but in some cases they do not offer an effective service.

In contrast to the previous options, there are specific platforms for waste document management that do not require installation. They are accessible in the cloud, so all you need is a laptop with an Internet connection, where you can enter a user name and password. As they are specialized software, they allow a direct connection with the environmental platforms of the autonomous communities. This means that the processing of waste transfer documentation is done through this cloud software. But, in addition to facilitating regulatory compliance, they streamline the management of complex processes such as traceability monitoring, plant control, or logistical tasks.

Teixo: the cloud-based software for waste document management

Teixois the platform used today by more than 700 waste management centers in Spain. This installation-free software stands out for its ability to automate tasks , such as the management of commercial documentation and shipments, connect with the environmental platforms of the autonomous communities and document the traceability of waste. All this from any place and device, because it is a cloud solution.

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