84% of large waste-producing companies do not have a digital solution for its management

Digitalization continues to be the great unresolved issue in waste management in Spain.

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Digitalization continues to be the great unresolved issue in waste management in Spain. Only 16.2% of the large waste-producing companies in our country have a digital solution for waste treatment. Of these, 92.3% say they have a specific commercial software solution, while the remaining 7.7% have opted for their own management software.

These data were collected in a study conducted by TEIMASbased on a sample of 265 corporations.

The reasons for "no" digitization

The reasons given by the large waste-producing companies analyzed for not having yet digitized their waste information are diverse. Thus, 18% state that they "solve this task through other non-specific solutions, such as excel spreadsheets", while 5.5% indicate that they have outsourced the management and another 4.5% point to the lack of budget "to face projects of these characteristics".

Finally, the remaining 72% of the corporations that do not digitize their waste treatment say that "it is not the right time". This statement includes aspects such as the lack of economic resources caused by the semiconductor crisis, the prioritization of other more urgent projects, or the lack of interest in technological solutions specialized in waste digitization as opposed to other more cross-cutting solutions.

Telecommunications, electric power and gas, in the lead

Taking into account their activity, the corporations with the highest degree of digitization of their waste are concentrated in the telecommunications ( 66.7%), electricity supply (50%) and industrial (35.29%) sectors.

On the other hand, the low percentage of digitization of large petrochemical corporations (oil and gas). stands out. Of the 48 surveyed, only 29% are digitally treating the waste they produce. Even lower percentages are observed in the food and beverage (13.3%), logistics, transport and storage (12.5%) and construction (10.53%) sectors.

In addition, if the turnover of these large corporations is taken as a reference, the trend is unequivocal: the higher the turnover, the higher the degree of digitization of waste management.


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