Do you want to standardize waste management in your company?

Ensures traceability of waste at local and/or multinational level. Boosts your environmental sustainability strategy. Complies with regulations.

Zero, the comprehensive waste management platform for global enterprises

Large corporations need accurate information on the waste they generate to ensure proper management, achieve improvement opportunities and comply with regulations.

With Zero you can determine the level of hazardous waste, its final destination and measure the carbon footprint generated during treatment and transport.

Learn about the software used by large multinationals for integrated waste management and traceability certification, from generation in production centers to final treatment.

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With Zero you can...

Certifies the traceability of the waste

Thanks to its functionality based on blockchain technology, with Zero you will be able to certify the life cycle of the waste generated in the producing centers.

This functionality is called Verify and allows you to control the waste from its origin to the final point, ensuring its correct tracking and documentation, as a fundamental step for the standardization of waste management and legal compliance.

Calculates the environmental impact of treatment and transport

With Zero you can now know the carbon footprint generated during the treatment and transport of waste.

Through reports and dashboards, you can analyze the evolution of theCO2 footprint in the atmosphere generated by waste management.

This will allow you to make forecasts of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Controls the costs associated with waste management

What is the value of waste? Zero allows you to manage the credits and debits of waste outputs.

You will control the economic impact of waste movement, streamlining decision making to detect opportunities for improvement and reduce costs.

Adapts to any format

Zero interprets and organizes all waste information, regardless of its format.

Thiswill make it easier for you to create and manage all your legal documentation for direct processing.

Wouldyou rather have a third party take care of it? No problem: Zero allows you to implement different roles and authorization levels for your users. This way you can outsource the management of your documentation with complete peace of mind.

What do they say about Zero?

A cost-effective technology that drives environmental sustainability:

Zero has been awarded the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solution" label by the Swiss Solar Impulse Foundation for products, services and technologies that, like Zero, are able to protect the environment in an economically profitable way.

To achieve this label, a group of independent experts verified that Zero meets high standards of economic profitability and environmental sustainability.

This label recognizes Zero as a clean technology solution that helps companies meet Sustainable Development Goals 9 ("Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure") and 12 ("Responsible Production and Consumption").


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