TEIMAS launches the new brand architecture of its products

We strengthen the connection between each of our products, but also with our corporate brand TEIMAS.

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We have renewed the brand architecture of all our products with two objectives: to accompany the constant evolution of TEIMAS and to strengthen communication with the various actors in the waste value chain.

At TEIMAS we maintain our long-standing purpose, based on creating technology that benefits the environment, helps society progress and protects people''s health. With this goal in mind, today we have digital solutions that simplify waste control, facilitate regulatory compliance and drive sustainable business in large corporations and waste management companies.

This entire line of digital products now has a brand architecture that reinforces the connection between each of them, but also with our corporate brand TEIMAS in three ways:

  • We maintain the graphic representation of TEIMAS and red as the distinctive color of our graphic image.
  • We replace, respectively, the green and blue of our products with dark gray (corporate complementary color), in order to create a greater visual coherence with the corporate brand.
  • We made it easier to write our product Zero by abandoning the spelling ZERØ.

This renewal reflects our constant evolution, driven in 2019 with the launch of Zero software and followed, in 2020, with the move to new facilities, a strong increase of the company’s staff and growing collaboration with large corporations with an international presence..

The change in visual identity will be reflected on the TEIMAS website, as well as in company presentations and in our software solutions.

From the TEIMAS team, nowadays formed by 40 professionals, we welcome this image renewal with the illusion of enhancing our communication with all the actors of the waste value chain.

For more information about our evolving brand, contact comunicacion@teimas.com.

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