TEIMAS obtains three ARDÁN indicators in 2021: “Gender Equality Company,” “High-Performance Company” and “Well-Managed Company”

ARDÁN otorga a TEIMAS los indicadores «Empresa Igual en Género», «Empresa de Alto Rendimiento» y «Empresa Bien Gestionada».

This is the time of year when ARDÁN, the business information service for the Vigo Free-Trade Zone, awards its best-practice indicators to the most outstanding Galician companies in every field. For 2021, TEIMAS has obtained three of the nine ARDÁN indicators: “Gender Equality Company,” “High-Performance Company” and “Well-Managed Company.”

We are especially proud and excited to have attained the Gender Equality Company indicator. Assigned to companies that show high levels of gender equality in the workplace, this indicator measures three dimensions: equal functions, equal pay and equal actions.

ARDÁN also considers us, for the third consecutive year, a Well-Managed Company. This indicator distinguishes companies that meet all the following criteria: revenue growth, profitability, productivity and liquidity, with values above the median in their sector for a period of three consecutive years.

And we are also a High-Performance Company. ARDAN assigns this indicator to companies that achieve average profitability of at least 25% for a minimum period of three years and of more than 15% in each year.

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