TEIMAS obtains the ARDAN “gazelle company 2020” and “well-managed company 2020” indicators

ARDÁN awards TEIMAS the indicators "gazelle company 2020" and "well-managed company 2020".

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The business information service ARDÁN of the Vigo Free Trade Zone has awarded TEIMAS the indicators of "gazelle company 2020" and "well-managed company 2020".

According to ARDÁN's criteria, the Well-Managed Companies meet several criteria simultaneously: revenue growth, profitability, productivity and liquidity; with values above the median of the sector in which they are located and for a period of three consecutive years.

As for the Gazelle Companies are those that show a high and constant growth rate in their revenues, above 25%, for 3 consecutive years, provided that the turnover of the first year of the analysis period exceeds 300,000 euros.

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