TEIMAS and Docuten bring the digital signature to the waste sector

TEIMAS has integrated Docuten digital signature service into Teixo waste management software.

TEIMAS has integrated Docuten digital signature service into Teixo waste management software.

This service, already available to Teixo customers, allows them to sign commercial documents and documents associated with waste management, eliminating the use of paper in these processes.

With this system companies can save up to 80% compared to the traditional signing of documents, with a return on investment from 3 months.

As said by Miguel Varela, founding partner and CEO of TEIMAS, “this alliance between Docuten and TEIMAS represents a great leap forward in the digitalisation of waste management, which allows the automation of administrative processes, the reduction of paper use and the improvement of productivity in a sector subject to a great administrative burden”.

Brais Méndez, CEO of Docuten, says that “partnering with a company like TEIMAS, dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of companies, is very interesting for us, as our services imply a reduction in the carbon footprint of our clients”.

Since its creation in 2008, TEIMAS has been developing digital tools for companies, administrations and citizens, which facilitate compliance with waste regulations, the promotion of environmental sustainability strategies and awareness of environmental care. Today TEIMAS products are used by multinationals in the energy and telecommunications sector, as well as by many waste management centres and public entities in Spain.

On the other hand, Docuten is a technological company that is a reference in the digitalisation of administrative processes, for which it uses digital signature, electronic invoicing and collection automation technologies. It currently has an important list of clients such as Desigual, Grupo Planeta, Louis Vuitton, Cabify, Bimba y Lola, Abanca, Nortempo or Estrella Galicia.

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