Joining TEIMAS team: the experience of Sergio Gonzalez

We interviewed Sergio Gonzalez Carbajal, Junior Developer at TEIMAS team, to know first hand his experience of incorporation.

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We interviewed Sergio González Carbajal, junior developer of the TEIMAS Technology team, to learn first-hand about his incorporation experience.

Sergio, when did you first hear about TEIMAS?

It all started with a good friend of mine telling me about a job opening in his company. He was always telling us about how comfortable he was in his company, how good the atmosphere was and the motivation that drives it, so I didn't hesitate for a second and applied. As you can guess, I did quite well.

And why did you choose to work here?

I was attracted by the idea of working for a company that tries to change things, that favors the circular economy and that contributes its grain of sand so that the world as we know it revolves around sustainability. The truth is that these company values, together with learning new technologies to improve professionally, made me think that I should not miss this opportunity. I jumped head first and I am currently very happy with that decision.

What was your first impression of the company?

I had just had a bad experience as a developer for another company, and to see the great welcome and affection that I had from my first day, the truth is that it made me very happy. The atmosphere was just as I imagined it would be: wonderful.

What were your first steps?

In April 2022 I started working at TEIMAS as a Junior Developer, so my first days were a first contact with the applications I would work with, both at user and developer level.

My first task was basically "learning": I needed to learn as much as possible about the new technologies I was going to use, and about how TEIMAS applications work. I still consider that I still have a lot to learn but, fortunately, I have the pleasure of having top colleagues in the sector. Colleagues who are always there when I have a question or a problem.

In my case, I was assigned a tutor, Adrián Rico, to whom I am grateful for accompanying me in my first days and solving all my "newbie" doubts.

The truth is that it was a slow and tedious process, but at the same time it has filled me with satisfaction every little advance I have made in the understanding of Teixo and Zero.

What do you think of these two software, Teixo and Zero?

Honestly, at the beginning I was overwhelmed by everything that could be done with them, and I have to admit that my first contact with both was hard because I had a lot of information to assimilate. In addition, there was a lot of terminology associated with waste management that I was unfamiliar with.

Both are very powerful applications and provide tremendous ease in processing environmental documents. I had no idea how complicated and intricate it was until I came here.

What would be your balance of your experience at TEIMAS?

I would say that it has been months of non-stop learning and training. It has been a great learning experience both personally and professionally. Personally, because I have met wonderful people and I have learned a lot from them. And professionally, because working with new technologies for me, as powerful as Ruby and React, is a constant motivation: there is always something new to learn, so I hope I can continue learning and contribute my bit in TEIMAS!

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