1 solution for 3 tasks associated with waste management in large companies

We show you 3 situations that you could face if you are in charge of document management in a large company, and how to deal with them successfully.

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With the entry into force of the Law on Waste and Contaminated Soils (Law 7/2022), Spanish companies have to adapt to a regulation that seeks to promote the circular economy and contribute to the fight against climate change.

To achieve these objectives, the new Law promotes a series of measures that give companies greater responsibility for the waste they generate and the obligation to document the correct treatment of such waste.

This documentation process requires data collection that can be complex for large waste-producing corporations, given the diverse typology and origin of the waste they generate, as well as the number of actors involved in their management.

Without a standardized, secure and agile system to consolidate waste data, this management can generate a great administrative overload and cause errors. We will tell you about this through a fictitious example of a Quality and Environment Director of a large corporation. Let''s look at three situations he faces in his day-to-day work:

Preparing environmental audits and inspections

It''s Monday and a Quality and Environment Manager, whom we''ll call John, is on his way to the office. He works for a large multinational that, thanks to its demanding circular economy strategy, is managing to reduce the impact of its industrial activities on the environment.

Today Juan is in no mood for jokes: on Friday the company failed the audit for Zero Waste certification of one of its factories. And all because it could not properly document the traceability of the waste.

"The problem is that we don''t have total control over the waste data: it comes to us through different partners and in different formats —John tells the CEO. "We spend many hours reviewing the data. And, even then, we find inconsistencies. And if the data is not reliable, I can''t be sure that we will achieve Zero Waste certification after the next audit.

Supervise the processing of waste documentation

On the same day, John has to supervise the submission of legal documentation on the Ministry''s platform. He has checked the shipment notifications and identification documents several times to make sure that, in addition to being correct, they comply with the waste regulations in force in Spain.

"In July a new Waste Law, 7/2022, came into force. Now the initial producer of the waste has to ensure its proper treatment and provide documentary proof of this. If we don''t present the correct documentation we expose ourselves to sanctions" John explains to the CEO.

Interpret and organize all waste information

While reviewing the transfer documentation that has been sent to him, Juan notices that the information is not consistent. Some data is missing from the transfers that have taken place.

«It''s not the first time this has happened. We are unifying the waste data in a spreadsheet. The information comes to us in different formats and we add it manually. In addition, more than 25 people have access to it —both internal technical staff and some external collaborators—. It''s easy for someone to make a mistake, delete a formula or hide a column» -John explains, again, to the CEO.

Pass audits, comply with regulations and securely access your waste data

So far we have discussed 3 tasks associated with waste management in large corporations: passing environmental audits, proper document processing and the organization of thousands of data from different sources.

Fortunately, today there are technological solutions to consolidate waste information in a secure, reliable and agile way. We are talking about Zero, the software used by multinationals and large companies to comply with waste regulations, optimize their resource consumption and advance in their environmental sustainability strategies.

How does Zero work?

Here is a summary of the main features and functionalities that make Zero the software of choice for large corporations looking for a clean and cost-effective technological solution for waste management:

Data consolidation

Zero allows you to unify and organize waste data, regardless of its format, from its generation to the end point (quantity, type, destination, treatment, output). You can obtain individualized data by specific waste or by aggregation of them.

Operations and traceability

Control internal and external waste movements, as well as the warehouse, for full traceability.

Documentation management

With Zero you can streamline the preparation of inspections, audits and sustainability reports through access to historical data and create exportable reports.

Globally accessible

Zero is accessible from any device and browser connected to the Internet. This facilitates access to all agents who need to report or consult information.


Zero allows the use of several languages (currently Spanish, English and Portuguese), extendable to other languages.


Zero has a hierarchical system for assigning users and roles that guarantees security and facilitates the outsourcing of document management. In addition, it uses secure access control and communication protocols through the network. Thus, from a single location you can control different locations, with individualized or consolidated information.

Reporting and analysis capabilities

It allows you to relate all the information stored on waste in a graphical and synthesized way and extract knowledge of interest for certifications, global warming mitigation plans, circular economy and zero waste plans of companies.

Shall we talk?

Through technological solutions such as Zero we provide specialized support in waste management since 2008, ensuring legal coverage and facilitating the flow and analysis of information to encourage and promote sustainable business.

Contact us through this form to arrange a video call with a member of our team and we will help you find the best solution for the digitization of your waste document management.


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