Why to use a waste management software: seven reasons

Achieving the digital transformation of a company in the waste sector consists of applying the advantages of specific technologies to significantly reduce the cost and time invested.

Acronyms such as CT, NT or DI may sound familiar to you if you work in the waste sector in Spain because they correspond to three documents necessary to comply with your legal obligations and avoid possible fines. The creation, sending and custody of this type of documentation, added to the management of consignment notes, waybills, delivery notes and invoices generates an administrative overload that already in 2017 could mean an extra cost of up to 12.40 euros per ton of waste recovered and 4% in turnover, according to a study by the Gremi Recuperació de Catalunya.

With the entry into force of the Spanish Royal Decree 553/2020 on waste shipment and Law 7/2022, of April 8, on waste and contaminated soils a series of new regulations have also been added, among which the mandatory telematic processing (even before the shipment) stands out. In this way, the Spanish ministerial platform e-SIR (mandatory since September 1, 2021) has become the cornerstone of waste information at the state level, causing the "inevitable" digitization of a key sector for the circular economy and the fight against climate change. In fact, as shown by a study on the digitization of waste management companies published by TEIMAS in July 2022, only 28.54% of the 508 companies surveyed claim to have specific software tools for their activity.

But what do we mean by digitization of the waste sector? Beyond the creation of formulas and templates in spreadsheets such as Excel or Google Sheets, achieving the digital transformation of a company specialized in waste management consists of applying the advantages of specific technologies for the development of the activity of waste agents, managers, transporters and traders, capable of significantly reducing the cost and time invested in complex processes such as regulatory compliance, traceability monitoring, plant control or logistics.

Let''s see below what advantages these technologies offer and how they can become an indispensable part of optimizing your work and gaining access to more demanding customers.

Seven reasons why should use waste management software

Digitizing your waste management to save time in administrative tasks and money by automating everything involves great advantages, such as, creating and managing transfer documentation, controlling processes, streamlining operations and greatly simplifying procedures. And not only that, it can be very profitable as it will allow you to save time, avoid penalties, ensure control of waste traceability, build customer confidence and keep up to date with waste regulations.

1. Save time and money

As a professional in the waste sector you must have different documentation (treatment contracts, shipment notifications, identification documents, etc.) and provide it to the shipment operator or the producer or initial holder of the waste. With a specialized software that is up to date with the regulations you will avoid repetitive tasks and errors as you will be able to:

  • Generate all your environmental documentation in always updated formats.
  • Process your documentation directly with all regional or Ministry platforms (e-SIR).
  • Create a chronological archive.
  • Speed up the collection of the necessary data to cover the annual report.
  • Crear certificados, informes comerciales y ambientales.
  • Optimize your plant''s input and output management and control your stock.
  • Document the traceability of waste and share in real time the documents created.
  • Establish the prices of your products and services and automatically transfer them to your orders, offers, delivery notes and invoices.

In addition to all this, solutions like Teixo even allow you to use an electronic signature and mobile apps for managing clean points and organizing waste shipments.

2. Avoid penalties

Betting on a deep digital transformation will help you avoid errors since you will be able to automate the creation of documentation and minimize manual tasks

If you have a digital tool that is up to date with state and autonomous community regulations, you can ensure that everything is in order by processing directly with all the autonomous communities and with e-SIR.

3. Ensure waste traceability control

With the right software you can regain control over the documentation of your waste, know the processes it goes through and the transformations that occur in the different materials. As you will have a structured system, you will easily find the documents ready and in order and you will be able to check if you have created them correctly.

4. Build customer trust and loyalty

Having a good management system allows you to gain a global vision of your business and, in turn, to transmit greater confidence to your customers because you will be able to respond more quickly to their specific requests and needs.

5. Keep up to date with waste regulations in Spain

Incorporating a good program for waste management in your company will allow you to be accompanied by experts who will help you keep up to date with regional and state regulations.

6. Take advantage of the possibilities of data analysis

Going digital will allow you to analyze your company''s and your customers'' data in detail and convert them into useful information for making strategic decisions that will help you be more competitive. For example, see the trend in the number of tons operated, if there are customers where you are spacing out services more or if there are variations in the invoicing of materials or services.

7. Successfully passing audits

Audits can become a critical moment in waste management companies if you have no guarantee that the documentation is correct or where to find all the information requested. With specific software you can generate reports and corroborate data with customers and managers.

Go digital

The incorporation of digital tools in the waste sector companies and the digitization of the workforce is a necessary and inevitable change of culture that will bring great benefits to your daily management as it will allow you to face the future with more security and less uncertainty. Do you join the digital transformation? We help you with specific software for waste management and a 100% specialized team. Let''s talk!


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