How does Teixo help you to comply with the new Waste Law?

Teixo is the waste management software used by more than 900 waste management centers in Spain. We tell you how it allows you to keep up to date with current regulations and perform 5 essential tasks for all waste management professionals.

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The entry into force of the new Law 7/2022, of April 8, on waste and contaminated soils for a circular economy represents the biggest change in waste legislation in recent years in Spain. With it, Spanish waste regulations are adapted to the objectives derived from EU directives to advance in a waste policy that, by rigorously applying the principle of hierarchy, will contribute to greater sustainability and the implementation of circular economic models.

How to catch up with these regulations?

If you are an agent, dealer or waste manager in TEIMAS we provide you with a free guide on the most relevant aspects of the new law. In addition, we offer you a digital platform that streamlines document management and facilitates regulatory compliance. It is used in Spain by more than 900 waste management centers . specialized software for waste management..

Teixo allows you to be up to date with current regulations and perform 5 essential tasks for all waste management professionals:

1. Comply with deadlines

The new Law 7/2022 maintains maximum deadlines for waste storage. Teixo helps you to comply with the maximum storage times indicated by the law. In addition, you can automate the creation of labels and correctly identify the stored waste.

Identify hazardous waste

Containers or containers containing hazardous waste must be labeled clearly and visibly, legibly and indelibly. Create with Teixo the labels to identify the containers or packaging of the waste you store in your facility or deliver to your customer or supplier.

Generate and process waste documentation.

As before, you will need to have different documentation( treatmentcontracts, shipment notifications, identification documents, etc.) and provide it to the producer or initial holder of the waste.

With Teixo you can generate all your environmental documentation in always updated formats and process it directly with all the regional platforms (GaIA of Galicia, SIACAN of Cantabria, IKS-eeM of the Basque Country, the platform of Navarra, PDR of Aragón, SDR of Cataluña, SINGER of Baleares, ADCR of the Valencian Community, Augi@s and SIRA of Andalucía, INDA of Castilla La Mancha, the platform of Madrid and eDCS of Castilla y León) or with the platform of the Ministry (e-SIR) of the Ministry of Environment (e-SIR). Ministry's platform (e-SIR).

In addition, Teixo also processes waste shipment documentation with the autonomous communities that do not have their own platform, namely: Asturias, La Rioja, Murcia, Canary Islands and Extremadura, as well as with the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

4. Expedite the preparation of the annual report

As before, you must have a chronological file and the annual report before March 1 of the following year. In addition, the new law extends this obligation to entities and companies that transport hazardous waste on a professional basis or act as dealers and agents of hazardous waste.

Whether you are a manager, agent, trader or forwarding agent: with Teixo you can generate the chronological archive, as well as speed up the collection of the data needed to cover the annual report.

It also allows you to create certificates, commercial reports and environmental reports.

5. Generate and send DIs to the producer

If you are a dealer, you must prove to the producer or initial holder the complete treatment of the waste, as well as generate a DI to accompany the waste shipment.

Teixo allows you to generate the DI to carry out the waste transfer. In addition, you will be able to prove the waste treatment by sharing the document with the producer or initial holder by telematic means.

You can also forget about paper and have the DI at your disposal at all times thanks to Teixo's mobile application (Teixo Logistics App).

Through this solution developed by TEIMAS, experts in waste management software, you will be able to comply with regulations, avoid penalties and save time and money.

Interested? Request a demonstration of Teixo without obligation with our team.


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