9 terms you need to know if you are going to use a waste management software like Teixo

In this small glossary we clarify the main terms associated with document management with Teixo.

Are you an agent, dealer or waste manager? If so, you probably use the language of the industry in your day-to-day work and it is no mystery to you what the acronyms DI, NT or CT stand for. But, are you clear on what an API is, or what a cloud solution is? If you have been using Teixo waste software for a while, or you are thinking of contracting it, it is in your interest to familiarize yourself with terms associated with digital management. In this way, you will be able to speak with more propriety and better understand the new ecosystem of which you are a part.

To make learning these concepts easier, in this small glossary we explain —in alphabetical order— the main terms associated with document management with Teixo:


API stands for "application programming interface", i.e. a system that enables communication between two or more applications.

Remember that Teixo software can be used as an online web platform. The user can also access the interface simply through a web browser, using their keys and passwords.

However, in some cases, companies using Teixo choose to connect it to their enterprise programs. This connection between Teixo and the enterprise programs is done through an API system.

“Teixo Logística” App

It is a Teixo mobile application that facilitates interaction between office staff and drivers to achieve fast, safe and zero-paper waste transfers. Specifically, it allows the driver to send, from his cell phone to Teixo, the data recorded during the collection or delivery of waste. In addition, if your containers have QR generated with Teixo, the driver can identify them by reading this code. If the driver also has a portable printer, he can also print the DI and delivery notes directly.

In this video we explain the advantages of the mobile application Teixo Logística:

Cloud software

The term "cloud software" refers to those computer programs that, like Teixo, are run from the Internet. Such applications are not hosted on a single computer, but on a network of servers. In the case of Teixo, you can access the software from any computer connected to the Internet (provided you have a valid account, username and password).

These cloud solutions are present in our daily lives (GMail mail, tools like Dropbox…) and their advantages over traditional solutions are many.

As a Teixo user, for example, you can manage your documents from your laptop with internet access, without having to leave home. And, if you have contracted Teixo''s digital signature, you will be able to sign your documents without having to go to the office.

Teixo Digital Signature

It is an electronic signature integrated in Teixo that has legal validity. It works according to eIDAS, European regulation 910/2014 which establishes the legal and security standards for the correct electronic identification of the signature. In practice, this type of signature allows Teixo users to further streamline the daily management of their environmental and commercial documentation. In addition, it is a secure signature system because, once signed, documents are unalterable and are stored and archived under strict protocols.

E3L Language

E3L stands for "Environmental Electronic Exchange Language".

It is the computer language used for the exchange of data between the different electronic platforms involved in waste management in Spain.

With the entry into force of RD 553/2020 on Waste Shipment, it is mandatory to use the most recent versions of E3L. The most modern is 3.4 and is the one used in Teixo. This allows us to offer an updated tool, aligned with the technical requirements of the different electronic platforms.


A Saas or "Software as a Service" is a computer program that allows its users to connect and use its solutions centrally and in the cloud, through a pay-per-use model.

A clear example of this type of technological solution is Teixo: you hire the tool, pay a fee and have access from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Extended producer responsibility (ERP)

It is a concept used within the European Union policy that is summarized in the «polluter pays» principle. It establishes that producers are obliged to take care of the waste generated by these products once they have been used, whether they are packaging or not, both for domestic and industrial use.

Until now, in Spain it was mandatory only for electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators, vehicles, packaging, tires and mineral oils. However, the entry into force of the Law on Waste and Contaminated Soil (Law 7/2022) has reinforced the scope of this responsibility, increasing the list of obligations for the different producers.

Teixo is used by more than 700 waste management centers, including managers of WEEE, batteries, oils, etc., to streamline their waste document management and ensure regulatory compliance.

Electronic processing of transfer procedures

This involves the submission of electronic waste shipment documents to the competent bodies through the corresponding environmental platforms.

One of the most popular choices for waste professionals to generate all their legal documentation is Teixo. Thanks to this 100% specialized software, they can speed up the creation of treatment contracts, transfer notifications, identification documents, etc.

In addition, without leaving the tool, they can carry out direct processing with all the regional platforms (GaIA of Galicia, IKS-eeM of the Basque Country, the platform of Navarra, PDR of Aragon, SDR of Catalonia, SINGER of the Balearic Islands, ADCR of the Valencian Community, Augi@s and SIRA of Andalusia, and eDCS of Castilla y León) or with the platform of the Ministry (e-SIR).

Teixo also processes waste transfer documentation with the autonomous communities that do not have their own platform such as Asturias, La Rioja, Murcia, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, Madrid, Extremadura, as well as with the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.


The extension .xml identifies the file format chosen by the Administration for the exchange of waste information. The files you upload to the environmental platforms use this format.

There are several versions of xml format. Teixo already uses the most modern one so that you can process all your documentation without any problem with the different Administrations.

Do you want to know how to streamline your waste management document management?

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Please note that Teixo is a software only available for companies within the territory of Spain and Andorra.


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